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We censor ourselves all the time. As we’re creating our best work, there are little thoughts that appear from nowhere to prevent us from presenting our creation to the world. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • “What will [name of person we respect] think if they saw this?
  • “Just a few more hours of tweaking should do it.”
  • “The world doesn’t want or need this.”

The problem is, the little voice is sometimes partially right.

Yes, 100 more hours of work would (one would hope) make the creation better.

Yes, if the creation is new and you are an innovator, the world knows nothing about it and doesn’t think they need it.

But here is where the voice is wrong:
1. working without input doesn’t help an untested creation.
2. there is great value in doing the work and sharing the creation.

Life is filled with doubters who are willing to voice their objections. We shouldn’t let the first unreasonable person be ourselves.

If you’re struggling to know whether it’s time to release your creation into the wild, here’s a helpful tip. As soon as you ask yourself, “is this good enough?”, that’s your sign. Yes, it is.

Put down the tools. Plug it in. Press send. You’ll know soon enough what needs to be fixed.

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