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Are you surprised when a pen doesn’t work?

After years of innovation and standardization of the pen manufacturing process, we expect a pen to work when we pick it up. The quality control and skill level required to make a pen for a reasonable price have conditioned us to believe it will write. Typically.

We know that a pen does not work all the time. But there’s still an expectation and a surprise when it malfunctions.

What’s the ratio for you? 1 in 25 pens don’t work?

It’s ok. No big deal. Just grab another one.

But what about when a plane has a malfunction?

There’s a different level of quality control and attention to detail required when building a plane. There is skilled labor for all of the components. Extensive training and inspections. Everything is tested again and again.

That’s because we understand if a plane doesn’t work, the consequences are greater than the failure of a pen.

There are certain processes in every business that need more precision and attention than others.

We must remind ourselves that some tasks are pens and others are planes.

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