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Take a moment to read the comments of any Facebook video. Everyone is a critic.

Here are a few examples of the absurdity:

An inspirational post about how someone overcame personal challenges to find meaning and make a difference.

“Good story but it could have been a lot worse you could have joined the military got his legs blown off got shot in the back shot in the head maybe in a coma maybe not being able to talk to rest of his life thank the life you have”.

Pizza review video.

“Horrible review. It was her that made it so bad, she was trying to be “way cooler” than she actually is. Sorry.”

Timelapse of an in-ground pool being constructed.

“Too long video, and archaic building technique. A waste of video time. Also, the music sucks!”

This isn’t social commentary that challenges conventions or life changing discourse that progresses humanity forward. This is arguing over the banal.

Maybe I notice it because I make things that get seen by millions of people.

It doesn’t bother me when my work receives negative comments. But I do feel sorry for the commenter. I think most negative comments come from a unhealthy need to be heard and appreciated. Maybe they believe being the one person that says “this suuuuuuucks” will bring balance to their life. I don’t know.

There is a difference between healthy critique and unhealthy criticism.

Imagine if there were more creators in this world and less critics. What do you think would happen?

Yes, we still need people who challenge the status quo and start healthy discourse. But the easily found examples above is proof we need less…um…whatever that was.

Everyone is a critic but everyone does not have to be. It’s a choice.

Here’s a video I recently shot and directed for a pro soccer team. Seen by tens of thousands of people. Broadcasted nationally. I’m proud of it. My clients are raving. But there was one guy that posted online, “the only thing worse than the name is the video.” Bless you, fella.

Triumph Soccer brand announcement video from 9/8 Central on Vimeo.

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